Mage: Out of Darkness

River of Blood

Nanhanni National Park

In game dates: December 29th 2012 to January 12th 2013

“This is a game about saving the world” is the last thing the storyteller says before it all starts. He opens his hand and three spheres of energy streak across the room, embedding themselves in the chests of the players.

As they awaken to the truth of magic with Gnostic awareness, the players also become aware that the room is moving. The walls crack, the roof sags alarmingly and it settles with a crash on the ground somewhere. In all the chaos, the storyteller seemed to disappear.

The players take in their bearings, adjust to the fact that magic is real and that this ‘game’ just went in a whole new direction. Looking outside the window they can see a cold and frozen forest covered in snow.

They immediately take up their shadow names from a previous mage game. Vorpal, Shadow (soon changes to Dimi) and Optimus.

After coming to terms with everything and studying everything in sight with their magesight and knowing effects, they’ve come to several conclusions.

  1. They’re in Canada.
  2. Before they came here, postcognition just shows a black and hungry void.
  3. The room and every object in it is made of scraps of matter held together by an intricate latticework of Tass. It was not created by Atlantean magic.
  4. They have a copy of the main world of darkness rulebooks with them sitting on the table.
  5. It’s winter and freezing cold outside.
  6. There are no active spirits nearby, but the sleeping tree spirits are shaking in terror.

They spend a few days surviving and huddling in the ruins of the room, gathering together their supplies and experimenting with magic. They even go out hunting a few times and manage to bring down a caribou which they figure out how to butcher properly.

Their next hunting trip they stumble upon a butchered wolf hanging from a tree, clearly stripped of meat and the remnants of a campsite. Through post-cognition they see a brief glimpse of several figures around a campfire and a young feral looking man carving the wolf with a bowie knife. They hear scraps of conversation in Spirit tongue (or as they figure out, the werewolf language).

Vorpal summons a moon spirit of the Gibbous moon choir, appeasing it with chiminage by shaving his held and pouring a few small drops of molten silver (from a piece of jewelery in the room) onto his scalp. The chiminage seems to please the spirit, who grants a prophetic vision the next time Vorpal sleeps.

The vision is of a young hispanic woman helping Vorpal onto a sea-plane at a small airstrip. Shortly afterwards they hear a plane fly overhead but by the time they get out to it it’s already flown past. A few hours later though they catch the same plane flying back the other way and signal it with a magically enhanced signal fire.

Using Forces magic Dimi communicates through the pilot’s radio. There’s nowhere for the plane to land, but the pilot says that his four friends are kayaking down the river and should be at that location in a day and can guide them to the airstrip.

They go back to the room and after taking everything useful, Optimus destroys the room and everything in it by dispelling the effect that’s binding it together. They then hike up the river to meet the Kayaking vacationers.

They meet them and discover that they are four college students on vacation from San Francisco. One of them is the hispanic woman from Vorpal’s vision, who introduces herself as Eden. After much scrutiny they determine that the other three are normal people but Eden is a kinfolk. Vorpal tries to bait her by speaking in spirit’s tongue a few times but she pretends not to understand.

Along with the college students they make their way to a ranger’s hut where there should be supplies and a satelite phone to call for help. Instead as they approach the building, one of the college students finds a beartrap hidden in the snow in front of the door instead of a welcome mat. It clamps down on their leg doing a lot of damage.

The PCs let the college students help their friend while they look out for whoever set the trap. One of them hears a sound out in the trees and through scrying sees a feral young woman with a bow approaching the clearing. They shout out in spirit tongue and frighten her off but she screams that “Daddy is going to eat you all”.

The PCs investigate the ranger’s hut, finding the remains of the ranger strung up and butchered. Amidst the gore there is a Rutger Redhawk revolver, it’s handle smeared with poison ivy oil as a further torment of the crazy kinfolk and werewolf who killed the ranger. An antique, barely functional Winchester model 70 is displayed on the mantlepiece as well. They can only find 2 bullets for the rifle and seven for the revolver though.

Eden comes clean about being a kinfolk, speaking privately to the PCs. They figure out together that the werewolf is a Zi’ir, a shattered and crazy werewolf who has lost their soul and connection to the spirit world. Now it’s just a raging monster. Its three children seem to be backing it up as well.

The PCs can hear the werewolf coming back so they send the college students back to the boats while they stand ready to fight. The college students don’t get far though before one of them is lifted into the air by a snare-trap around their ankle, the counterweight knocking off a nest of angry hornets.

A long fight ensues with the PCs victorious and all of the college students saved. One of the kinfolk, the young woman, switched gears mid-fight going from cannibalistic slaughter to an attempt to seduce Vorpal. Resisting her advances, Vorpal never the less spares her and takes her prisoner. Since she seems to lack any proper name they dub her “Aleisha”.

The PCs send the college students on ahead in the kayaks, not knowing how to safely row the rapids. With directions now they hike towards the airstrip, bringing their prisoner with them. She seems overall cooperative though clearly far from sane and balanced.

After many days of exhausting hiking they reach the airstrip. The students have already flown off to get Conrad proper medical care and Eden has flown back on her own to collect the PCs.

They climb aboard the plane, Vorpal taking efforts to follow the vision exactly and begin a long flight from the national park out to the nearest town of Yellowknife.



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