Mage: Out of Darkness

Settling In

Yellowknife to Vancouver

In Game Dates: January 12th to January 14th 2013

Eden flies the PCs out of Nanhanni national park down to Yellowknife. After two weeks in the wilderness they’re looking forward to a shower and clean change of clothes. Borrowing money from Eden, they settle into a hotel overnight and enjoy the benefits of civilization.

The next morning Eden flies them down to Vancouver where they plan on staying for a while until they understand the lay of the land in the World of Darkness. They don’t have a lot of money, still relying on the last dregs of Eden’s loan.

Optimus searches for the ley lines of the town and manages to locate a building prominently positioned on a nexus of several with a ley line. Using prime magics he hides his mage aura and walks inside hoping to find out more about the hallow he can sense inside.

The building looks like a fairly cheap and crummy hotel, but the receptionist refuses to let him rent a room claiming that it’s full. He tries to cast a spell to find out more and her reaction instantly changes once she realizes that he’s a mage. She introduces herself as Cynthia and explains that this building contains a Demense and they rent rooms by the hour to mage’s wanting to project into the astral realms.

He says that he’s interested in astral projection but baulks at the $10,000 or 5 tass per hour pricetage. Pretty expensive considering he only has a few dollars in his pocket and no tass at all.

When he says he wants to meet other mages though, Cynthia agrees to help. She asks whether he’s seer or pentacle, but starts laughing when he gets nervous about answering. She explains that the building is considered neutral territory, something that was negotiated at the Scales of Denver.

She arranges for him to meet a Watcher, the title a Sentinel possesses in the Celestial Court of Canada (the local Pentacle government) but warns him that the local pentacle are more Tyrannical than in certain other places.

Optimus meets the watcher Vigil, who is wearing a Vancouver police uniform, and they go to talk privately in a small sideroom in the hotel foyer. Not wanting to admit to the (rather strange and unbelievable) truth of how they came to Canada and learned about magic, Optimus lies and claims to be suffering from amnesia.

Unfortunately the rather paranoid watcher suspects that such a mysterious case of amnesia in a mage is likely to be caused by Mind magic and that Optimus is most likely a programmed manchurian candidate sent by the Seers of the Throne. He’s told not to leave the room and Vigil goes out to call a Magistrate specializing in Mind magic to find the truth.

While alone Optimus quickly rings the other PCs and starts talking strategy, they plan out a lie and Dimi heads over to the hotel to help if necessary.

Dimi gets there in time to see the magistrate, Lucille, a professionally dressed woman as she arrives. They both, with magesight, recognize that the other person is a mage and give each-other a polite nod as they head into the building.

Thinking Dimi is a customer, the two authority figures go to the other side of the room to talk privately and don’t pay much attention until Dimi approaches. He explains who he is and that he’s from Optimus’ cabal then starts to launch into the rehearsed lie.

He’s quickly stopped by the magistrate who tells him “That sounds a lot like the lie your friend planned over the phone” which rather stops Dimi. They admit that the amnesia story was a lie. The authority figures were annoyed over the wasting of their time, but let the matter slide with a warning.

After the magistrate leaves, Vigil remains while they register the Cabal of the White Wolf as part of the Celestial Court of Canada and get Vorpal on the phone so that he can agree to follow the Lex Magica and be registered with the Court as well.

Vigil refuses to introduce them to other mages, claiming that the Court is not a “dating service” but says if they want to be sociable they can go to Charlie’s Dojo where some mages hang out to learn how to defend themselves.

Random Sidetrack that goes nowhere

The PCs, gathered back together decide that they need to make some money. They head down to a bad area in the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood planning to make some money by robbing local pimps or drug-dealers. (GM: Don’t ask me, it was their idea)

They go talk to a street-walker, acting generally shifty and she starts looking over towards her protectors, a small gang who are sitting out on the porch of a nearby building smoking and playing cards. They back off from the hooker and talk instead to the gang, where Vorpal relies heavily on having watched The Wire to muster up some Streetwise.

They chat with one of the friendlier gang members who taking them for a smaller independent group says they can work on their territory as long as they pay a cut to their gang. At first the gang-member thinks that they want to pimp out Aleisha, then that they want to sell drugs but finally Vorpal claims that they’re wanting to engage in violent robbery and asks if there’s anyone the gang member wants taken down.

The gang member tells them about two black guys who pimp out a group of streetwalkers a couple of blocks over and inbetween racist slurs he says that one of the men insulted him and he wouldn’t mind if the PCs went and took them down.

The PCs go over to that street and look at the two guys, with some insight from Magesight and various knowing effects figure out that the two are former child-soldiers here as refugees and the PCs decide not to mess with them.

They talk to these two men, seemingly trying to arrange some sort of elaborate con involving them working together to rob some Asian businessmen who want prostitutes for a party. After persuading the two to go along with the (completely fictitious) job though, they leave and never interact with them again.

End of completely random sidetrack

The PCs having given up on street crime as a method of obtaining money, scrape together their remaining funds (about $80) and head over to the casino planning on using their magic to win at gambling.

Not surprisingly Optimus’ fate and time magic is the most effective at winning games of chance. Dimi tries to manipulate some gambling machines with Forces magic, but a botched roll results in the machine continuously winning and draws some attention before the management shut those machines down. Eventually Vorpal and Dimi enter a poker tournament together under the logic that one of them should win. Vorpal reads people’s auras with mind magic while Dimi scries over people’s shoulders with spaces to see their cards.

They’re winning and manage to turn their $80 into about 2 grand but a croupier tells Vorpal that the manager has asked to see him in his office. Vorpal agrees and goes in to see him.

The manager introduces himself as Chance and explains that he’s with the Panopticon and would like to offer them a job working for the Seers. They’ve observed that there’s no great affection between the Cabal of the White Wolf and the local pentacle orders.

Vorpal doesn’t say yes or no, but says they’ve got nothing against the Seers which Chance takes as a good sign. He gives them an envelope full of money and offers them a complimentary suite at the casino’s hotel overnight while they think it over.

They stay the night and discuss the offer, assuming that the room is bugged but that there’s no point to any false pretenses. They decide that they’re not particularly interested in going with either Seers or Pentacles full-time but wouldn’t mind doing one off jobs for either of them as long as it wasn’t against the other group.

In the morning Chance comes to see them, admitting openly that the room was bugged by answering a question that Dimi had brought up in the night. Dimi had said that he wanted to know more about the Seer’s philosophy and what they wanted to achieve.

Chance told them why the Seers are awesome and working for the Exarchs is a great career move. Then explains that he’s leaving town for a few weeks but looks forward to talking to them again.

With that done the session was over.



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